Getting started with elevator interior design

A lot of thought goes into the design of an elevator interior – more than just good looks.  Creating appropriate spatial energy, using current building and fire codes as well as eco-friendly materials all need to be considered.    Here are a few things we have to think about when we start any new elevator cab design process.

Know your audience

Elevator interiors, whether in one elevator or a bank of elevators, can be designed to match the decor and ambiance of any building.  Deciding what that feeling is can determine whether the elevator interior is energizing and upbeat or calming and relaxing.  Heading home to your highrise condo at the end of the day, you’d want a calming elevator cab interior.  Heading to work in an office building each morning, you’d want to be energized.  If the designer has incorporated the energy of the building into the design, then many individuals are subconsciously being prepared for their business at hand.

A lot of thought and energy goes into designing an elevator interior. Conversations with business owners and tenants can help determine the general use of the elevator, and steer design decisions. Doing so can assist a designer in knowing which building and fire codes one must adhere to as well as providing information on the best energies to include in such the elevator’s interior design.

Know the building codes

Safety and security are the most important feature in all elevators. This is why it is important to read the associated building and fire codes for any building where you are performing the work.   Codes can be specific to the city, county and state and even to the building and building type – so be sure to do some digging for this information.

Being green

When you’re designing the elevator interior itself, the current trend is to use “green”, or eco-friendly building materials.  Many of these “green” materials used in traditional building construction do not meet the strict safety and fire codes required of elevators.  Be sure that all of your materials meet the fire codes or you’ll spend a good bit of time redesigning the elevator interior.

The same goes for recycled materials.  You’ll need to check that regulations regarding such materials meet current codes and standards. This is because most recycled materials come from older buildings or products which may have only been classified under older regulations which may now have newer and stricter guidelines.

A well-designed elevator interior always takes the above issues into consideration before starting any work on customizing the elevator cab itself.

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    I really like this…good job

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